Thursday, December 26, 2013

Utility Bag

This bag can be used for keeping grocery bags. I have used as a carry bag holder for keeping all carry bags and take one out from the other end.

Materials needed:

            Any fabric – 16” * 20”
            2 pieces of elastic - 5”
            One ribbon


  • Sew the shorter side by having right sides of fabric together.
  • Take the fabric out and sew in the same side by having wrong sides together. Now the fabric will be cylindrical in shape.
  • Now fold the top side by folding once by 1/8” and fold again for ¼” and press. Sew it by leaving 2” opening for inserting elastic. Similarly do the same in the bottom side.
  • Sew the ribbon on top side for hanging. I have sewed a fabric by having Velcro in both sides instead of ribbon.
  • Insert elastic in both sides and sew the opening.
  • Now it’s ready and enjoy using it.
  • Here is my bag.

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